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I need a fucking girlfriend. I’m so tired of being alone. I’d treat her like a princess, I swear. I’d lay with her under the stars for hours, kiss her in the rain, tackle her on the bed and tell her how beautiful she is EVERYDAY.

but nonononono that won’t ever happen. -___-

johncallmeacab asked: I just randomly came across your blog and I just wanted to let you know I'm always happy to talk if you need a little support. I'm not going to try and convince you to stop anything or tell you to cheer up because I know it's not that easy. I just want you to know you have some support, even if I'm just a stranger.

Thanks so much! Means a lot to me. <3

I overcame my eating disorder today. I pigged out on a burrito and ice cream. I don’t care anymore though, I’m a fat over-eater and that’s all I’ll be. I’m still debating suicide though…

hoovered-deactivated20140410 asked: i promise, it gets better. i've been through suicidal thoughts and self-harming during 2 years, my parents took me to a treatment center and now, i'm happy, i love my life even though i still hate my body, i enjoy everything and i do smile for real. don't let anyone judge you, let people help you because that's what will save your life. you will be happy again, you are beautiful the way you are, never change. xoxo.

Thanks so much. :’/